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"We Specialize in Creating and Managing Cloud-Ready Technology Infrastructure for Small Businesses!" 

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Explosive Growth of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is currently the fastest growing technology in the IT industry and it shows no signs of reaching its peak. In theory, cloud computing is incredibly simple, it is composed a large data center that can accommodate hundreds (and sometime thousands) of application servers. The applications residing on these servers include every conceivable application need by small and large businesses. The Cloud Service Provider (CSP) assumes the responsibility for installing, managing, and supporting the applications and database residing on these servers, and charges each customer a small monthly, annually, or metered fee for accessing these applications. It also includes an array of web servers that interconnects these application servers to the Internet.





The fact that the TIMC server is utilizes the Internet to interconnect with small business customers greatly simplifys our CSP migration strategy. From the small business customer's prospective, it is totally transparent whether their technology infrastructure is connected to a:

  • Single Server,

  • Multiple Servers, or;

  • TIMaaS Server Farm.

Single TIMC Server Implementation

TIMC is a cloud-based server running on a Windows platform. It includes the application software, relational databases, parsing utilities and industry-standard networking protocols required to manage multiple small-business technology infrastructures. The TIMC server runs in a remote environment and requires hardware, software or on-site technician at the small business customer’s premise.


The Internet eliminates the physical distances between TIMC platforms as a design factor but in certain locations where there is a large concentration of small-business customers, economics of scale can be gained by have multiple TIMC standalone server platforms located in the same facility. This particularly true in locations where have on-site TIMC Technicians supporting user help desk and technical support functions.

TIMaaS Implementation

The cloud-based architecture of TIMC makes it the prototypical cloud computing application. The Technology Infrastructure Management as a Service (TIMaaS) implementation can be implemented in a server farm that includes dozens (and possibly hundreds) of TIMC servers. One of the major advantages of the TIMaaS server-farm implementation is that it provides a composite view of the Internet as a whole, and can quickly detect and isolate major failures that could propagate across multiple ISPs. 

Migrating to TIMaaS Architecture 



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