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What is a Small-Business Technology Infrastructure?

A technology infrastructure is defined as the technical framework that enables the secure, seamless interconnection of end-points devices such as PCs, MACs, tablets and smartphones with business applications and databases residing on web servers and cloud server farms. If a given end-point device or server does not support the full TCP/IP protocol stack, an Internet Protocol (IP) adapter can be used to bridge this non-compliant end-point device and server to the Technology Infrastructure.

A typical small Technology Infrastructures is composed of the following components:

  • A Wide Area Network (WAN) - such as the Global Internet WAN shown in this network diagram.

  • A Local Area Networks (LAN) - Routers, Switches, Wireless Access Points (WAPs), and other LAN components.

  • Multiple End-Point Networking (EPD) Devices - PCs, MACs, tablets, smartphones, and other web-compliant devices.

  • Legacy Servers, Intranet Servers, and Specializes Servers used to support VoIP and Surveillance Camera Systems.

Typical TIMS Implementation

The common thread between all three of these components is the IPv4/IPv6 Internet Protocol. The Technology Infrastructure along with the Internet Protocol provides ubiquitous, anywhere-at-anytime access to business applications and database servers attached to the LAN and/or the Global Internet WAN. These applications and databases are located on:

  • Internet and Intranet Web Servers.

  • Cloud Computing Provider (CSP) Servers.

  • Legacy Application and Database Servers.

Steps for Converting an Ad Hoc Network into a Managed Technology Infrastructure

There are four steps required to convert from an unmanaged Ad Hoc Network to a Managed Technology Infrastructure:

  1. We perform a comprehensive assessment of your existing networking environment including Internet access, LAN components, and end-point devices such as servers, PCs, MACs, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. This assessment includes your remote offices and telecommuting employees, if any. (There is absolutely no charge for this technical assessment.)

  2.  Based upon the results of this assessment, we will prepare a formal proposal for migrating your existing unmanaged Ad Hoc network into a managed technology infrastructure. This proposal will include a project plan and detail costs.

  3. If our proposal is accepted, we will create an inventory database that includes all of your networking hardware plus your end-point devices such as PCs, MACs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. (Click here to see an example of this database.)

  4. If on the other hand, you decide to accept our proposal, we will immediately start the project and follow the steps outlined in the plan plan.

In three business days or less, your new Managed Technology Infrastructure will be fully operational, and will become the Central Nervous System of your business. This new cloud-ready technology infrastructure will enable your business can take full advantages of the cloud computing phenomenon.

"We can quickly and cost-effectively convert your Current Ad Hoc Network into a Remotely-Managed Technology Infrastructure."

While it may appear to be a daunting, expensive proposition to migrate your existing ad hoc network into our managed Technology infrastructure, it is a relatively simple, straight-forward process that can be done in a matter of days. In most cases, we can use virtually all of your existing network hardware.  (The only mandatory required of our managed technology infrastructure is that it include small-business WAN router that  includes integrated VPN and firewall support.) This specialized router is required because if will become the cornerstone of your nTIMS Applications and Processesew managed technology infrastructure, and (it along with the TIMC) will be used to manage and monitor your LAN, WAN, and EPN devices. Prior to starting the migration process, we will create a TIMS database that contains of your company's technology infrastructure components. After the migration is completed, you will only be charge a small monthly fee for the 24/7 monitoring services performed by our Technology Infrastructure Management Console (TIMC). You should not have to make any additional investment in network hardware or software to support your existing business requirements. The following is a partial  list of the management applicatons and processes provided by technology infrastructure management services

  • User Help Desk Support Including Single-Point-of-Contact (SPoC) for all Network-Related Problem Management Activities.

  • LAN Design & Optimization.

  • WAN Performance Monitoring.

  • End-Point Networking (EPN).

  • Cloud Computing Integration.

  • Internet/Intranet Support.

  • Gateway, Client, and PPTP VPN Implementation.

  • Wi-Fi/BYOD Access Security.

  • TIMS Database Creation and Management.

  • Realtime Performance and Availability Reporting.

How much will it cost and how long will the TIMS implementation process take?

Three Alternative Technology Infrastructure Management Services (TIMS) Implementations
Entry-Level TIMS Implementation Basic-Level TIMS Implementation Enterprise-Level Outsourcing TIMS Implementation
Entry-Level TIMS Implementation
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Basic-Level TIMS Implementation
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Enterprise-Level TIMS Implementation
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No up-front implementation cost. No up-front implementation cost. Implementation Cost: Special Quote.
Recurring Cost: $99/month. Recurring Cost: $149/month.

Recurring Cost: $299/month.

Implementation and Recurring Costs

There is absolutely no up-front cost for the Entry-Level and Basic-Level TIMS implementation, and if you already have a TIMS-compliant WAN router, we can convert your existing ad hoc network into a managed small-business technology infrastructure in two business days or less. Monthly recurring costs for the Entry-Level and Basic-Level TIMS implantations are $99, and $199, respectively.

(Please call (623) 979-1827 or (602) 478-4778 for special quotes for our Outsourcing-Level TIMS.)

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